Gentle Folks, Time seeps through our fingers like sand on Venice Beach... June flew by with several special markers: my old pal Oliver Schroer (RIP)'s birthday, then Father's day came and went, I thought many times about writing this email and yet... somehow there was never a spare moment. 

In memory of Oliver and for all you dads and sons and daughters out there - here is a track from his 2008 record 'Freedom Row' entitled 'All the Little Children in the World'. Enjoy! 

Now I find myself in a quiet corner of the Appalachian Mountains, visiting with the inlaws and finally catching a few moments to write to you, kind reader. Since Lochlann arrived we have developed, shall we say, a finer appreciation of family life, adult alone time and clean clothes - and a burgeoning delight in life's simple pleasures.... 

The support of family is allowing me to do a few special music projects and tomorrow I will head out to meet up with Songster O Leary as we prepare for a couple of shows over the weekend. Then after a week at the teaching highlight of the year - Celtic Week at the 'Swannanoa Gathering' - close by here in NC, I will head out with the band to Dublin Ohio for one of America's biggest Irish Festivals. Hup! 

I hope you are doing well reader, and keeping your chin up amidst the huge upheaval around the globe. Through what are dark days for so many of our fellow brothers and sisters, let's keep communicating and creating, especially through the arts and through music -languages that know no borders. 

Myself and my sh*t-kicker poet husband, A. J. Roach have been having lots of fun and lots of no-sleep with our wee darling Lochlann Oliver.

Calling all SoCal-ers, Ready your Diaries!

Saturday 4th March If you live in Southern California, please turn on your box and tune into this PBS Special. Nuala is a guest on there with Titanic piper extraordinaire Eric Rigler and friends. Help spread the word with this Vimeo Teaser:

Saturday 27th May Nuala will be playing with this group at the PBS Member Concert as part of Scotsfest @ Orange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa, CA

Resistance is Flutile!

Nuala will be part of the teaching staff at Acadia Camp in Maine in June and at the Swannanoa Gathering NC in July. Registration has opened for these amazing weeks of music and community- the spaces fill up really quickly, so get in there and grab a spot if you are thinking about it!

A gathering of Irish music players and fans to benefit the American Civil Liberties Union and show support for civil rights will take place on Sunday 5th March. . The Los Angeles session will be at Timmy Nolan's Bar, Toluca Lake. Proceeds will go to the ACLU, whose Director of Immigration Rights wrote this week that “The Trump Administration is willing to trample on due process, human decency, the well being of our communities and even protections for vulnerable children.” These sessions are happening in cities and towns across the U. S. Check out the link on the poster to find the event nearest you, or start your own!

Nuala Kennedy Band USA

After a string of great shows across the States this Summer, Nuala Kennedy Band will be taking a hiatus while a wee addition to the family arrives in November! We had a lot of fun especially festival-ling outside at Culver City Hall, L.A., in Madison, Wisconsin with our pals Dervish and up in the Upper Peninsula of Sault Sainte Marie, MI where this post gig pic was snapped. Thanks especially to my traveling companion, Irish guitarist and singer Mnter O Leary for a couple of wild swims and duo concerts out on the East Coast of the U.S. - a heads up for ye folks here that we are working on a duo album for release in 2018. Looking forward to that very much. Here's a video of The Night Visiting Song which will be on there:

"This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.” 

What dark changes are happening in the world. In a time of great upheaval and sadness at the result of the Brexit vote, and the recent outbursts of xenophobic and homophobic hatred, I am put in mind of the quote above from American musician Leonard Bernstein written in response to the murder of J.F.K. 

To follow our passion more devotedly than ever before.... There is great solace in music and the arts, great comfort in creating things of beauty, comfort in the time we spend working creatively both together and alone. It is a place to seek refuge when the world can be overwhelming, a place where we can respond and reply with grace to questions which are often beyond our individual control. Particularly with traditional music, what a joy to have this rich heritage to dig into, to seek out old pieces, to contribute new ones.... to pass on our interpretation of and love of the tradition to our friends and students. For me it's a Summer filled with quite a few music camps: Acadia Trad School, ME, The Swannanoa Gathering, Music Arts and Dance week in D.C. and Augusta Heritage Week in West Virginia. 

Nuala Kennedy Band will hit the road again in August. See TOUR page for details! Here we all are playing two jigs and a reel in studio:

Nuala's new recording 'Behave the Bravest' is out now! Order your copy here!!


Nuala appears on 'Beg and Borrow' the latest Battlefield Band recording, highlighting the connection between Ireland and Scotland, which is available here: The record features a host of special guests including Christine Primrose, Leo McCann, Don Meade and Tony Demarco!