Snowflake Trio 'Sun Dogs' - Live Album 2019

Snowflake Trio Sun Dogs Review 2019.jpg

Irish Music Magazine February 2019 
by Sean Laffey

'A moody film noir.....
Snowflake’s secret is out of
the bag; time to start gossiping
about how good they are.'


Behave the Bravest 2016

Behave the Bravest review Siobhan Long

Fatea Records UK — "The subtle shadings of Nuala's seriously beautiful, crystal-clear singing and her intuitive interpretations repay close listening every bit as much as the superlative musicianship and deliciously coordinated instrumental settings."

— David Kidman

Shire Folk Magazine

The Irish Echo — "'Behave the Bravest' is simply out-standing. Kennedy’s surrounded herself with musicians that understand and share her vision and mirror her rooted, imaginative musical approach. Kennedy’s fans will welcome this one with arms wide open, but it will appeal to anyone who values urbane contemporary music rooted in a historically informed but carefully measured modern aesthetic. Outstanding stuff."

—Daniel Neely

Living Tradition

Living Tradition Behave the Bravest Review

Bright Young Folk — "Played and sung with verve and panache by a woman at the top of her game, Behave the Bravest is a fitting album to celebrate a decade of music making."

—Stephen Witkowski

"An outstanding work of modern Irish folk music"

—Stephen D. Winick, Huffington Post

—Kevin Bryan

Nuala Kennedy Penguin Eggs review

FolkRadioUK — "A glowing example of Irish traditional song at its best."

—Neil McFadyen


Nuala Kennedy Songlines review

FolkWales Magazine — "She instils a zesty, fresh brilliance for all her dazzling performances, which are enticingly enhanced by all her imaginative compositions. This album is just a complete winner all the way."

"This is the Real Irish Deal"

Penguin Eggs

FiddleFreak — "Nuala’s unflagging sense of balance between raw joy and flawless perfection runs like a pristine river through this collection of ancient songs and modern tunes."


FolkAll"It's pretty certain you will play this album several times on the trot because although it's only 11 minutes under an hour long it goes by far too quickly and it's too good a CD to play once and then put back in the sleeve."

Noble Stranger 2012

Sing Out! Magazine Vol. 55 #2

Tradconnect — "This is Nuala Kennedy’s third solo album and is a superb exploration of traditional music mixed with the best of the folk tradition, all wrapped up with a catchiness that some pop stars would die for." 

The New Shoes 2007

The Irish Times — "She is not only an exceptional interpreter of the tradition; her own tunes glisten with freshness."

Rogue Magazine — "The New Shoes is a well put together box of treats and Nuala Kennedy and band-mates are purveyors of some articulate and accomplished music – very enjoyable."

FiddleFreak — "Her playful flute and crisp vocals tumble out of the moors like a cold Scottish burn that escapes the loch and rushes to the sea."

Irish Music Magazine — "…immense talent and experience... outstanding and highly recommended"