"Radio Diddly-Aye" - Traditional Music Prints by Nuala Kennedy

Designed by Nuala in collaboration with Edinburgh design Studio 16K nd NYC artist Lauraly Grossman.  Each limited edition print is handmade using silk screen and is a completely unique work of art. Printed on recycled 80lb Speckletone paper. The perfect gift for fans and players of traditional music.

"Radio Diddly-Aye" 

Lilting is what musicians do when they 'sing' the melody of a tune to each other - a mouth music of sorts. Traditional music is sometimes derogatorily called 'Diddly-Aye' but here we reclaim the phrase; it's a great way to communicate! The print depicts a lilted melody emanating from a vintage radio, against a backdrop of tune-titles in the Irish language, Scottish Gaelic and English. And of course they are all good tunes!

$60 USD plus $10 for worldwide shipping.


Nuala Kennedy Behave the Bravest

"Energy and imagination fuel this exceptionally rich fourth solo album from the singer and flute player. Long life guaranteed."
                       —The Irish Times 

Nuala Kennedy - Behave the Bravest
(Under the Arch Records, 2016) 

1. Lovely Armoy - Song
2. His Bonnet So Blue - Song
3. Mo Bhuachaill Dubh Dhonn (My Brown-Haired Boy) /Young Tom Ennis– Song/Jig
4. Le Funambule (The Tightrope Walker) – Instrumental
5. Fair Annie Of The Loch Royanne -Song
6. Úrchnoc Chéin Mhic Cáinte (The Fair Hill of Killen) – Song
7. Glen Where The Deer Is/The Ivy Leaf/Dublin Lasses- Reels
8. The Lion's Den/The Burning House - Song/Slow Reel
9. Death And The Lady - Song
10. Muñeira de Paula/The Broken Lantern/Barralín - Jigs

A new album of traditional music with Donald Hay – Drums/Percussion; Michael Bryan – Guitar; Shona Mooney – Fiddle; Eamon O'Leary – Guitar, Bouzouki, Vocal; Johnny Connolly – Button Accordion; Mathias Kunzli – Drums/Percussion; Joe Philips – Double Bass

Recorded over six months on three continents, Behave the Bravest was mixed by the much-lauded producer Paul Savage of Chem 19, Glasgow and mastered by Grammy award-winning engineer Adam Berg in L.A.

The Alt Nuala Kennedy

"This is an exquisite album. Inspired song selection and thoughtful arrangements reveal the strong chemistry these top musicians share." —The Irish Echo

The Alt
Nuala Kennedy, John Doyle, Eamon O'Leary
(Under the Arch Records, 2014) 

1. Lovely Nancy
2. What Put the Blood
3. One Morning in May
4. Geese in the Bog/Covering Ground
5. Willie Angler
6. Going for a Soldier Jenny/The Chandelier
7. Finn Waterside
8. The Eighteenth of June
9. The Green Gowned Lass/Danger Mouse/Dan Breen's
10. Cha Tig Mor Mo Bhean Dhachaigh
11. The Letter Song

On this album, Nuala teams up with old friends and musical collaborators John Doyle and Eamon O' Leary to co-arrange Irish traditional songs.  The recording is an intimate one, made in the magical mountains of North Carolina and featuring a lot of close harmony and musical interplay.


A Wee Selection Nuala Kennedy

A Wee Selection: Some Scottish Tunes - with Mike Bryan

A selection of traditional Scottish tunes for flute and guitar. Both Nuala and her regular collaborator Mike Bryan enjoy teaching Scottish tunes as well as Irish ones, and they made this record for both students and fans of traditional music. A must for anyone looking to expand their repertoire!

1. The Cockerel and the Creel
2. The Heights of Cassino
3. The King's House
4. Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh Lament for Red John
5. Wee C Whistle Set
6. Doctor Angus
7. Big Fish, Little Fish
8. Am Buachaille Bàn The Fair Haired Boy
9. The Shore Bar
10. The Balkan Hills
11. Mike's Nest


Enthralled cover

"Quintessentially melodic, it evokes a strong and vibrant image of two players truly captivated by each other’s mesmeric melodies. Enthralled; an apt title indeed."  
—Penguin Eggs 2012

Oliver Schroer and Nuala Kennedy - Enthralled
(Borealis Records, 2012) 

This album of original fiddle-flute duets was recorded in Toronto with Nuala's good friend and musical accomplice Oliver Schroer. Oliver was one of Canada's leading composer-performers and Enthralled is a testimony to a unique musical alliance. Although never able to tour together due to Oliver’s illness, Enthralled was finished just prior to his untimely passing and features musicians from both sides of the Atlantic: Bill Brennan, piano; Brian Kellock, piano; Kevin MacKenzie, guitar; David Woodhead, bass; Andrew Downing, bass; Jason LaPrade, dobro; Filippo Gambetta, diatonic accordion; Joe Macerollo, accordion; and Brian Katz, classical guitar. 

1 The Green Lady
2. Enthralled
3. Flowers
4. Choufl
5. A Face For Scuba
6. The Dark Lantern
7. The Crystal Sun
8. Healing
9. Beso! Beso!
10. Miao Miao
11. Smile and Sport
12. The Books in My Library
13. Big Pond Oystercatcher
14. Joy and Hope
15. The Whispering Wind



Oirialla album cover Nuala Kennedy

Nuala Kennedy, Gerry O'Connor, Gilles le Bigot, Martin Quinn - Oirialla (Lughnasa Music 2012) 

"The rich musical tradition of Oriel (north Louth, south Armagh and east Monaghan) may not have garnered the attention of other regional styles, but on Oirialla it shines with a finesse that befits its long bardic heritage. The album features a newly minted foursome in fiddler Gerry O’Connor; his former Lá Lugh compadre, Breton guitarist Gilles le Bigot; flute player and singer Nuala Kennedy; and accordion player Martin QuinnOirialla quietly celebrates the bare-naked delicacy of its Scots-influenced repertoire, richly interwoven with more contemporary tunes and songs. Kennedy’s voice is an unfettered, lilting delight, and their inventive interpretation of Chicago fiddler Liz Carroll’s Mrs Carroll’s Strathspey revels in the boundless energy that courses through their tune book. A fine-boned, tantalising collection that unfurls itself at a delightfully leisurely pace." —Siobhan Long The Irish Times

1. Delvinside Set
2. Bidh Clann Ulaidh
3. McCusker’s Jigs
4. The Boys of Mullaghbawn
5. The Kitten Set
6. Voice from the Sea
7. Sung in Louth
8. Humours of Glen Set
9. The Cavan Road
10. Through the Heather

Noble Stranger.jpg

Nuala Kennedy - Noble Stranger (Compass Records, 2012)

1. Gabriel Sings
2. My Bonny Labouring Boy
3. Love at the Swimming Pool
4. Lord Duneagle
5. Lonely City
6. Asturias - Part I
7. Asturias - Part II
8. Paddy's Lamentation
9. The Banks of the Roses
10. Napoleon's Dream
11. Matt Hyland
12. Voodoo

A album of music recorded live in studio after being on the road for several years, and mixed by Paul Savage of Chemikal Underground, Glasgow, this recording captures Nuala and her touring band at their vibrant best.

“Noble Stranger her third solo release builds on the experimentation of her previous releases, adding an indie American vibe to an already intoxicating mix.” —Songlines

Nuala Kennedy Tune In

"2010 Top ten album in critic's choice by The Irish Times"

Nuala Kennedy - Tune In (Compass Records, 2010)

1. Footsteps / Julian and Iwona's
2. All Of These Days
3. My True Love / Mo Bhuachaillin Donn
4. The Waves of the Silvery Tide
5. The Spider And The Fly / Definitely Deadly / The Fragilous Fly
6. Thíos Cois Na Tra / Down By The Strand
7. The Books In The Library
8. The Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle
9. Little Bird
10. Five Mile Town / Cider Street / The New Yorker


Ornate and adventurous, this album of traditional and self-penned music features a host of innovative guest musicians from around the world such as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), McFall's Chamber Orchestra from Scotland, French guitarist Philippe Guidat, Quebecois hurdy gurdy player Nicolas Boulerice, Scottish jazz musicians Ryan Quigley and Brian Kellock and the late great fiddler Oliver Schroer of Canada.

Nuala Kennedy - The New Shoes

Nuala Kennedy - The New Shoes (Compass Records, 2007)

The first record Nuala made for Compass Records. A highly acclaimed album of traditional music featuring songs in English and Irish, and tunes from Scotland, Ireland and Cape Breton, mixed and mastered by Scotland's Paul McGeechan.

'A Dazzling debut. She is not only an exceptional interpreter of the tradition: her own tunes glisten with freshness."
—The Irish Times

1. The Pink Flamingo
2. Cáit i nGarráin a Bhile
3. Hop Jigs
4. Dolphin School
5. The Groves of Donaghmore
6. Over to Brittany
7. Erin on the Rhine with ‘Through The Back Yard’
8. Slippy
9. Highlands and Islands
10. A Bhean Úd Thíos
11. The New Shoes